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Adolescent Counselling in Wagga Wagga

Counselling for young people from age 12 & up

Who am I? Do I belong here? Where do I fit in? Who loves me? These are questions that often occupy the minds of young people as they navigate the challenging journey of adolescence. At Hope and Resilience Counselling, I offer specialized counselling services tailored to individuals aged 12 and up, providing a safe and empathetic space to explore these questions and more.

Adolescence can be marked by the breakup of families through separation, divorce, or remarriage, leading to feelings of abandonment and betrayal. Additionally, the weight of external expectations to excel academically, athletically, or in specific career paths can be overwhelming. I recognize that these pursuits may not align with your true goals and passions.

Coping with Adversity: Building Resilience

Adolescents may encounter bullying or discrimination, feeling singled out because they are perceived as different. The pressure to meet expectations, whether from parents, teachers, authority figures, or peers, can raise questions about acceptance. In counselling, I provide a supportive and non-judgmental environment where I listen, respect, and take your concerns seriously. My aim is to help you uncover your unique strengths and abilities and understand the reasons behind any challenging behaviors you may exhibit.

Adolescent Counselling in Wagga Wagga
Adolescent Counselling in Wagga Wagga


What age group is eligible for Adolescent Counselling?

Adolescent Counselling is designed for young individuals aged 12 and up who are navigating the challenges of adolescence, self-discovery, and emotional growth.

How can counselling help with family changes like divorce and remarriage?

Counselling offers a safe space for adolescents to express their feelings and concerns about family changes. It provides strategies to cope with emotional turmoil, fostering resilience and a positive outlook.

Can counselling assist with academic and career-related stress?

Yes, counselling helps adolescents manage the pressures of academic performance and career expectations. It encourages alignment with personal interests and goals, reducing stress and anxiety.

How can I benefit fromWhat if I'm facing bullying or discrimination at school or in the workplace? the holistic approach of NDIS Participants Counselling?

Adolescent Counselling equips young individuals with tools to address bullying or discrimination, helping them build confidence, assert their rights, and cope with such challenges in a healthy way.