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John Dodwell

I'm John Dodwell, and I am the Counsellor at Hope and Resilience Counselling. With a commitment to helping others, I have made it my mission to support individuals facing challenges and seeking positive change. My counselling practice is centred around fostering hope and building resilience, empowering my clients to tap into their strengths and forge a brighter future.

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My Focus and Approach

My focus revolves around guiding clients towards recognizing their inner strengths – strengths they’ve used in the past to overcome hardships. I’m dedicated to supporting them in amplifying these strengths, cultivating resilience, and discovering renewed hope for what lies ahead. Since establishing my practice in Wagga Wagga in 2019, I’ve aided clients in navigating a broad spectrum of issues, including anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, workplace stress, and more.

My aim in counselling is to support clients in identifying their strengths, fostering resilience, and cultivating a hopeful outlook. I offer a non-judgmental, empathetic environment where I listen, validate, and help clients clarify their thoughts. As a counsellor, I don’t possess magical solutions, but I believe in guiding clients towards their own answers and decisions. I tailor my approach to individuals, recognizing that everyone’s journey is unique.

In counselling, I adopt a function-focused perspective on overcoming unwanted behaviours, helping clients explore the “why” behind their actions, and the source of their struggles, I guide them in defining their goals and creating a vision for their lives. Even for clients initially hesitant about counselling, I acknowledge their feelings and work collaboratively to find value in the process.

My Professional Journey

I embarked on my journey as a dedicated counsellor with the launch of “Hope and Resilience Counselling” in Wagga Wagga in November 2019. My extensive experience has led me to contribute to various crucial initiatives. I’ve been involved with the NSW Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Sufferers (STARTTS) and worked at Headspace. Additionally, I’ve supported individuals through Australian Red Cross Migrant Support Programs, Telecross, Social Connectedness Programs, and in the disability sector.

Qualifications and Ongoing Learning

My educational journey includes a Master of Counselling from Monash University in 2019, alongside advanced diplomas and degrees in Community Sector Management, Nursing, and Health Practice. In my pursuit of excellence, I continue to expand my knowledge. Recent ongoing professional development includes learning ventures includes topics like Gottman Method Couples Therapy – (Levels 1 & 2), Certificate in Trauma and Eye Movement (Including EMDR) Integrated Therapy and Mental Health First Aid.

Collaborative Growth

In collaboration with participants under 16, I encourage parents or caregivers to join the initial session. Confidentiality is maintained, with exceptions for situations where safety is a concern. My offerings include family therapy sessions to facilitate open and transparent discussions and  address common mental health concerns.

Holistic Approach and Ongoing Learning

I draw upon Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET) and Eye Movement Densitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) / Eye Movement Integration Therapy (EMIT) in my practice. 

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*There are 4 excemptions to the confidentiality.

  1. If I am concerned you may self harm or have suicidal ideations.
  2. You have or may cause serious physical harm to someone else.
  3. Someone may cause you serious physical harm.
  4. If I suspect child abuse or child neglect, I am a mandatory reporter.